Windows XP Mode for Windows 7






Windows XP Mode is a free version of XP professional that runs within your Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise editions) desktop environment (Using Virtual PC).

This feature of Windows 7 will allow you to run older XP programs that no longer function in 7, the best news of all is that it is free, but does require a download

So to require this feature do the following:


1: Download Windows XP Mode

Click here for download page

2:Windows Virtual PC

Click here for x86 (32bit version) download page

Click here for x64 (64bit version) download page

3: Download update for 7

Click here for x86 (32bit version) download page

Click here for x64 (64bit version) download page


4: Install Downloads

Install Download from part 3 (Windows update) (Reboot computer)

Install Virtual PC from part 2

Install Windows XP Mode

4: Install XP

Note: Click images to enlarge

Click on "Start", "Programs", "Windows Virtual PC" then "Windows XP Mode".

You now get the license agreement, read....

....and then select "I accept the license terms" (If you do) to continue, the "Next" button will then be available, click it to continue.

Now input password (Required), (username cannot be changed until you are in Windows XP), click "Next" to continue.

Now your security settings, make selection (They can be changed later on) and click "Next" to continue.

A note just to let you know that XP mode will have access to your files and folders, click "Start Setup" to continue.

XP Mode will now install.....

After a period of time the Virtual machine will initialise.

Then XP Professional will start....

In the center of your desktop a new Windows will appear, with XP pro running in it.

5: Use XP

From now on Windows XP Mode will be available from your Virtual Machines folder.







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